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Standardize data across EPA

Currently, EPA hosts the following data networks: CDX, EPA Portal, EXES, and Business Intelligence. EPA also utilizies multiple data templates each with different data standards for data exchanges, such as: SCRIBE, eDWR, SDWIS, SEDD, and ERLN.  Laboratories often must submit data differently depending upon the EPA program, while data consumers must access each data feed separately.  These multiple data templates and standards increase costs and turnaround time for data generators and consumers.
The Association of Public Health Laboratories (APHL) recommends that EPA consider work to standardize data across and within their program areas in concert with the current challenge.
EPA should consider a single laboratory data standard (contact megan.latshaw@aphl.org for a copy of specific recommendations) that can be adopted not only across EPA, but also across the federal government and state agencies. Such standardization will lead to increased efficiency related to data sharing, review, validation, and interpretation of important environmental data.


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    Megan, Thanks for the suggestions. I think developers, EPA, and others can learn form these ideas and EPA will look into the ideas. I suggest you post your suggestions in EPA's Data and Developer Forum as well. Here's a good place on that site: http://blog.epa.gov/data/datasetscomments/

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    Thanks Ethan - will do!

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    Thanks Ethan We Will Follow you


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