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Ideas to help the environment

Please submit your ideas in an open format in this discussion forum.  If you are truly designing for humanity then you will have no problem sharing your plan.


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    Geo-tagged pollution wiki - citizens may mark areas suspected to be contaminated with pollution using their cellphone.  They can guess which type of pollution it is, the severity of it & post pictures of it.  The pictures could be put into a pattern recognition (like facial recognition, but dif.) program to identify possible types of pollution.  After a certain # of postings, or after verification of the polluted spot by a government official -> the EPA will be notified.  All historical polluted spots will be added to this map.  Citizens will be able to truly see what is effecting their local environment the most & now they will finally be able to get together and do something about it.  Identification is the first step to recovery, so this app would be the ideal platform to ensure that identification efforts are not wasted.
    I thought about this after taking longs walks and noticing small areas of pollution.  These areas are probably unknown to the citizens & the government, so by providing a transparent platform for this information to be aggregated we will help ensure that nearly all envornmental conatminations are known about.

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    Thanks for your ideas. EPA wants people to describe the apps they want so developers can make them. People are discussing these on the Data and Developer Forum (see the Submit an Idea for an App at http://blog.epa.gov/data/ideasforappscomments/). We've posted this idea there so more people can see it.
    This Discussions section of challenge.gov is a great place to discuss EPA's challenge itself, so please feel free to make suggestions.
    Thanks again!

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